American Web Equipment 1967-1991

From the beginning of the twentieth century, United States military individual load-carrying equipments were fabricated mainly of cotton duck and cotton webbing. Throughout the First and Second World Wars, as well as the Korean War, cotton-based load-carrying equipments served the infantryman with little change in their design and construction. In 1954 a new load-carrying system… Continue reading American Web Equipment 1967-1991

Time Out 1000 Things to Do in New York

Time Out’s 1,000 Things to Do in New York is an indispensable handbook for locals and tourists, as well as a delightful armchair read. Packed with current information and up-to-date maps with venues marked by color-coded bullets, the book includes celebrity suggestions for favorite haunts, quirky shops, hidden bars, and unusual weekend activities. Top-ten lists,… Continue reading Time Out 1000 Things to Do in New York